Have Something Worth Saying…

There’s always that one person who has an opinion on everything… until a topic comes up worth discussing.

That one person who always has something to say… now is hoping no-one will realize their silence.

Take a moment to think about the sum of the words coming out of your mouth.

Will those listening learn anything?

Will those listening become inspired?

Will those listening gain any new insight?

I’m not saying that every word we speak needs to have deep meaning, however… there should be an ounce of meaning coming from some of your conversation.  A person who can dissect and debate every entertainer, athlete, and everyone else in the neighborhood, but can’t hold an intellectual conversation… is doomed to live the rest of their life on the same mental level they are presently in.

Why is this important…


We don’t all have to be geniuses, brilliant, or Rhodes Scholars… but as we grow older our experiences, struggles, and gained wisdom should effect our level of conversation.

This is especially vital to those who have children.  Other than ‘baby-talk’ and the occasional bonding moments with our kids, it would be difficult for us to assist in our children’s mental growth… if our level of conversation is as naive and inexperienced as theirs.

In life… there are times to play, times to laugh, times to get serious, and times to teach and learn.  Make sure you have more to offer yourself, your friends, and your family… than just having a good time with your words.





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