3 ways to get back in the game…


Be honest with yourself.  Be accountable for the present position you’ve placed yourself in, and once you’ve done that… forget about it!  Let It Go!  So many people waste years beating themselves up over the past when they should be pounding the pavement trying to improve their fortune.  Be honest with where your old self has gotten you… so you can become real with where the new person is taken you.


What you do everyday, is what you will become.  So the questions you need to ask yourself are; What am I becoming?  What am I turning myself into everyday?  Are my daily activities that are most important getting me back in the game, or are they placing me further down on the bench?  Remember this… you’ll never become aware of how your activities are affecting you, until you write them down.  Determine what’s working for you… and what needs to be cut out of your life.


After you acknowledge your present state, and take full inventory of your priorities… it’s time to exercise which priorities are most important.  The priorities that will get you off the bench, are the priorities that needs to fill your personal calendar.  Make no mistake… discipline is the key!  What’s important cannot be exercised only when it’s convenient, or one to two days a week.  Think about this… you had no problem doing the things that kicked you out the game everyday… so you should have no problem committing to your new activities to get you back in.


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