Recently, I celebrated yet another birthday.  Thank God!

As time was counting down towards my special day, I started to think about my life up to this point.  Had I accomplished the things I set out to?  What about the things I hadn’t accomplished yet?  I thought to myself, I’ll be a year older, it’s time to refocus!”  Then I thought to myself, “I’m doing what everybody else does, using an event to measure my life.”

So I came up with my own countdown:


If there are any debates, please e-mail me your personal countdown.  Hope you enjoy!


The beginning of each month offers the start of our financial budgets.  Our planning to keep the lights on and food on the table rely on our four week financial I.Q.  So whenever our funds fail to stretch as far as we planned, or we splurge on a few wants in our moments of weakness, we convince ourselves that we’ll get back on track next month.


Whether we lack in financial budgeting, career advancement, relationship issues, or self-esteem, there is nothing like turning a year older to make us conduct an inventory of our lives.  The rat-races of life can cause us to mentally sleep walk through our days, and an accumulation of Happy Birthdays will undoubtedly slap us back to consciousness.  How many times have we said to ourselves, “I’m [BLANK] years old and I haven’t [BLANK] yet?”


More people seek #3 to start a new because it comes around the most times within a year.  If things aren’t going well at the job, we’ll start working harder at it Monday.  If we need to look for work, we’ll get right on it Monday morning.  If we haven’t been eating right, we will start eating right next week.  For the majority of us, the start of a new week is accepted as the start of our short-term goals.


Many will be surprised that this is not #1, but remember… we are counting down the most INSPIRATIONAL TIMES!  Similar to birthdays, there is nothing like a new year to cause you to step back and look at what needs to improve in your life.  A New Year… A New You!  Millions of people tell their family and friends the areas in their lives they’d like to improve on, and it’s called a New Years Resolution.

#1   NOW!!!

While New Years is the most popular time to set a new, it is not the most inspirational time, nor the best!  THE #1 TIME TO START A NEW IS NOW!  Whatever we’re going through, when we make the choice to change now, we are setting standards on our own time, and not on an annual calendar of events.  Waiting on a calendar to change is allowing society to stunt your growth.  Lasting change happens on your own time!


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