Ever notice that everyone in this world is an expert at something?

Everybody can tell you how to do it, but in reality… few people have ever done anything?  No matter what your aspirations are in life, no matter where you are headed, and regardless of the decisions you are faced with… everyone has their advice or opinions for what you must do.

There are actually good people who offer genuine, sound advice, but the majority of whom I like to call ‘Sidewalk Experts’ are constantly giving out life advise… without the life experience.

Now I’m not advising that you should ignore all advise, however, there are 3 things you should never let anyone tell you.



It’s funny how people claim to know what’s best for you… without having the knowledge of walking in your shoes.  It’s always the people who have done the least… who claim to know what’s best for the most of us.  Unless this person has been through where you’re going, accomplished what you wish to accomplish, or has overcome the same problems you face… they don’t know what’s best for you!


This is in relation to #1.  Just because a person tried and failed at something you wish to try… doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same result.  Many people have been through what you’re planning to do, but were they as committed as you are?  Did they sacrifice as much as you are willing to?  Do they have the same work ethic as you do?  Remember, just because they didn’t have what it takes to be a success… doesn’t mean that you won’t!


How many times have we heard this growing up?  People are quick to inform you of what you can’t do; and what’s sad is that even before you take your first step towards your goal, people will succeed at convincing you that your goal is unrealistic.  Beware of the person who tries to stop you from trying!  Think about this, any conversation you are having with someone telling you what you can’t do… should be your last conversation with that someone.


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