Often times… we forget about the one person who has been with us since day one!


We treat others better than we treat ourselves.

We place others’ needs before ourselves.

We look out for others before we look out for ourselves.

(Now I’m not saying that we should only do for ourselves)…

It becomes a problem when we get so caught up in the ‘rat-race’… that we become consumed with what everyone is doing.  Everyone else’s concerns, and everyone else’s well-being… while we’re running ourselves into an early grave.

Now it’s human nature to care for others more than ourselves, with family, life-long friends, job obligations, and of course… our children.

We’ve all seen that mother who spends everyday of the week, being mom… being wife… who always looks exhausted.  That’s because she is!!!

If you’re an adult with responsibilities… at some point you’ve forgotten about yourself along the way.

But there are 3 things you can do every week to keep your insanity, maintain your health, and to make sure you don’t lose yourself.

  1.  GIVE YOURSELF AT LEAST ONE HOUR OF “ME-TIME” EVERYDAY:  From the time we get out of bed, until the time we get back in bed… our heads are filled with some sort of ‘NOISE.’  (spouse, kids, co-workers, friends, co-workers we don’t like)  If not managed… this can cause serious stress at some point in your day.  Take at least one hour everyday in quiet “Me-Time.”  Whether you spend time praying, meditating, planning, or just relaxing… that one hour will bring you well deserved peace of mind.
  2. DO SOMETHING SMALL YOU LOVE TO DO EVERYDAY:  Regardless of what this is; a guilty pleasure, a childish joy, or a quick stress reliever… those small joys make you feel better, and gives you something to look forward to on a daily basis.  That piece of chocolate, singing that crazy song at the top of your lungs, or playing that video game that you’re too mature to enjoy… treating yourself to small joys leads to a lifetime of personal joys.
  3. DO SOMETHING BIG YOU LOVE TO DO EVERY WEEK:  This may take some planning, but once a week, you should make it a point to do something that brings you great joy.  Now for most men… that outlet is sports!!!  How many men look forward to Sunday football?  Find that one activity that brings you the same joy, and don’t be afraid to make it a point to let everyone know this is YOUR ACTIVITY!  Also, this big activity does not have to be big on your wallet.  A movie, a day at the park, working on your garden, or reading away in a bookstore… can be your weekly reward for serving others all week.

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