Naturally… as we get older we begin to see things differently.  Certain things that would have mattered before… isn’t as important today.  As we move up in age, our perspectives as well as our priorities change… at least for most of us.

Physically… we all grow differently, and the same applies mentally.  The mental transition from childhood into adulthood is incompatible among humans.  Some would argue it has more to do with environment than heredity.

Nevertheless… no matter what background or gene pool we come from…

there are 5 principals that shape our overall growth.


This is the most fundamental principal of growth, due to the fact that most of us grew up sitting in classrooms.  Some would argue, however, that the best education is outside of the classroom.  The truth is… regardless of where or how it happens, learning is the greatest form of growth!


In relation to education, just because you’re being taught something… doesn’t always mean it’s sinking in.  You can try to teach a child micro-biology, but in the end that child will go back to playing with his toys.  The understanding of why things happen; why things need to be; and why things aren’t all the same… is the measurement of true growth!


If it wasn’t for patience… growth would be easy for everyone!  Just as a child is born with little patience… adults find it difficult to exercise a little patience.  In reality, patience goes against our human nature, therefore, anyone who masters the art of true patience… would be considered the Master of Growth.


Also difficult to exercise… but one of the best examples of growth.  Sacrifice is nearly non-existent during childhood… but certain aspects of adulthood will force us to learn the real meaning.  Putting someone else’s needs before ours is challenging, but becoming a parent will transform sacrifice into a natural ability… and make you grow up fast!


Letting your friend slide for eating your last piece of pizza is one thing… but that’s not the forgiveness I’m talking about.  We’ve all written someone off for that unspeakable act against us… but trying to forget what that person did, and letting them back into our lives… is the deepest form of growth!  Forgiveness is peace of mind!


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