Whenever a new product comes out…                                                                                         Whenever a new talent has success…                                                                                     Whenever a new trend influences our lives..

There will be copycats!

Knock-Offs, Less-Talented, Cheaper Models…                                                                              all designed to cash-in on the momentum of someone else’s success.

But have you ever noticed that the copycat brands never reach the same success… or garner the same respect as the originals?

Well… the same applies to our everyday lives.

Ever seen a group of friends, co-workers, teammates, and associates? Within this group, regardless of the make-up… there will always be one leader!

This one leader will influence 3-Things within the group:                                                                1.  ATTITUDE                                                                                                                            2.  BEHAVIOR                                                                                                                          3.  DECISION-MAKING

What’s unfortunate is that the other members of the group have no idea that they’re being lead. They unconsciously live their day-to-day lives influenced by someone else’s values.

Although this is not a life or death situation…                                                                               many of us go through life unhappy, due to the simple fact that we’re not being ourselves!

Day-after-Day, Year-after-Year, from the moment we wake-up;                                                     we’re driving to jobs we can’t stand…                                                                                         we’re dealing with people’s issues that have nothing to do with us…                                      we’re laughing at jokes that are not funny!

And before we know it…                                                                                                             we’re following values that are not our own!

This is why we live dispirited.  This is why we lose interest.  This is why we become complacent!

                                    THE HARDEST THING TO DO IN LIFE…                                                                                  AND THE BEST PATH TO TAKE IN LIFE…                                                                                   IS TO WALK IN YOUR OWN SHOES!

Every aspect of your life should be your group… and you are its leader!

You dictate the attitude!                                                                                                               You direct the behavior!                                                                                                               You command the decision-making!

                           DON’T ALLOW YOUR LIFE TO BECOME A KNOCK-OFF…                                                                                       BE AN ORIGINAL!


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