As a nation… we tend to spend more money than we save.

Often times… we spend more money than we make!

Who can blame us?  With new technologies and gadgets tempting us every six months.  With endless sales and bargains luring us into stores every weekend… and who can resist not looking bad when family, friends, and kid’s birthdays and holidays come around?  (Don’t forget anniversaries, special accomplishments, events, and the summer vacation plans.)

Basically… everywhere we turn today, there are guilty pleasures tempting to take our money!

Not to mention most of us consider saving as losing present money… instead of building future wealth!

I’ll admit… it’s no fun having money leave your hand without getting something immediately in return, however… there are ways we can save money without thinking we have to ‘go without’ for a long period of time.

There are 3 simple ways to save a little extra cash… without feeling you’re giving up a lot of cash.


With every paycheck… just take 10% from your earnings, and place it in a savings account.  For most people, 10% of one’s earnings amounts to a few trips to their favorite fast food restaurant.  The trick is to discipline yourself into forgetting that 10% is in another account.  If you can avoid taking money out your savings, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll save in a year!


This is a great way to forget you’re saving money… while saving money.  If you have trouble making yourself put away money, then your bank or credit union can do it for you.  Automatic withdrawal pulls a percentage out of your account… and transfers it into a separate savings.  The benefit is that you can rely on the bank to never miss a deposit, which can help keep your mind on other things.


Don’t laugh… that spare change between your couch, under your car seat, and on your dresser is still money… and it adds up!  Faster than you think!  This is a saving method I learned from my dad… and I still do it today.  In these days of debit cards and various electronic purchases… it’s still smarter to pay with cash.  Here’s a great saving tip from cash purchases:  ALL CASH PURCHASES GIVE BACK CHANGE!  When you get change back… don’t toss it to the side with your keys… SAVE IT!

I kept all my change together in a large vase for one year.  I was shocked when I cashed it in… because the amount saved was a little over $1,300!!!  Not bad from a bunch of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies… and what did I do with that money?  I SPENT IT ON MYSELF!!!

Remember:  Not all saving has to be life-long.  Saving your change is a great way to enjoy all the new technologies and gadgets during the holiday season!



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