We’ve all heard it repeated time after time.  We’ve heard it so many different ways… by so many different people.  Nevertheless… so many people act like they’ve never been told the three greatest ways to succeed at anything.

So this is simply another refresher…

The 3 Greatest Ways to Success (That We Already Know) are as follows…


You are literally fooling yourself if you believe you can obtain success without this.  Anyone who has major success will tell you that they worked their butts off for it.  In fact… ‘hard work’ stands alone as the #1 factor towards success.  If you’re not willing to work hard for what you want… then you’re waisting your time!


High Point University President Nido R. Qubein once said, “You can’t be great on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday… and be ordinary on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  That equals a week of being average!  True persistence means dedicating five to six days per week.  Giving of yourself ‘here and there’ or when you feel like it… simply won’t cut it.


Truly successful people can’t afford to live common lives.  This may sound insensitive, but it’s the truth.  You can’t work hard and be persistent when you’re hanging out everyday with friends, spending hours on the phone talking about nothing, or vegetating for hours in front of the television or on social media.  True sacrifice means daily scheduled time set aside for work!  Without sacrifice, your goals will take 3-times as long to accomplish… if you reach them at all.


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