Most of America… and the world are familiar with football.  It is truly America’s game.  My mother took me to my first game in Tampa when I was seven… and I’ve been a die hard Buccaneer fan ever since.

If you follow the sport… you’ll know that each play is started with a huddle, where the team gets it’s instructions from the quarterback.  After the team breaks out of the huddle… we find out if the play is successful or not.

As fans… we tend to live and die with our teams, every Sunday, yet when we wake-up Monday morning… it’s back to the real world.

But here’s where football and our real world co-exist.  As we wake-up Monday morning… each of us has our own huddle.  Whether it’s a group of friends, co-workers, family, etc… this is our huddle.  Now, what we do each day, and the choices we make… are our plays.

The question is…


Who is calling the shots in your huddle?

Is it one of your friends?

Is it one of your co-workers?

Is it your boss?

Is it your mom?

Regardless of who it is, if someone else is calling your shots… your plays will never be successful.

There is one person who should lead your life… and that person is you!  No matter who is in your huddle, no matter who is making suggestions, you should make the final call, and you should break the huddle.

So get out there and call your own plays, and become the best quarterback you can be; because in sports and in life… the leader of your team determines whether or not you’ll have a winning season.


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