Each day… you’re either Improving, Going Along, or Falling Behind.


If you’re a goal-oriented person, a person with ambition, or simply someone looking to better your situation… then your daily activities are for the purpose of improving yourself.  In life… you cannot get from Point A to Point B without a plan of action, and the best plans take the most time.  Those who are improving are taking the necessary small steps each day… in order to make the big improvements in the future.


If you’re simply doing what is required of you each day, and nothing more… then you are merely ‘going along’ in life.  Repeatedly getting up to go to work, doing just enough not to get fired, without any plans or goals to improve your situation… will only keep your head above water.  Those who are ‘going along’ never plan, never save, and never do more than what’s expected… which puts them in danger of being one life crisis from falling behind.


If you’re living aimlessly day-to-day with no structure, no aspirations, no ‘get up and go’… then each day you’re falling more and more behind.  Forget about having a job to simply survive… those who can’t keep a job, those who can’t figure out what they need to do, and those whose daily activities are so random that there’s nothing to build upon…  fall behind quickly.  These characteristics are easy to recognize… because they’re usually living off of the people in the first two examples.


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