In high school… I was the typical kid.  I had my friends, I loved to dance, did just enough to get by, and was full of excuses.  Nevertheless… I always talked a good game.  I was going to do this.  I was going to do that.  I always had a grand announcement about what I was going to accomplish… until the day came when my mother told me to “Shut-Up!”

If you live in Tampa, Fla and you know my mother… then I know you’re not surprised!  My mother gives straightforward messages!

Now I’m not going to lie and tell you that my feelings weren’t hurt… but what she said next has stuck with me to this day.

After telling me to shut-up, she told me that I should talk less… and work more!  She explained to me that I shouldn’t announce everything I planned to do, because everything was not going to work out the way I wanted in life.

(Remember back in high school when we thought everything in our lives would happen the way we envisioned?)

My mother taught me that I didn’t have to talk.  She explained that if I would just be quiet and work, then people would see what I could do… and they would soon start asking me what I have planned next.  Now I’d love to tell you that I listened to my mother’s advice, but like most teenagers… I had to do it my way first.

Years later… I was with a group of friends running my mouth, and after I shared with them something I was going to do, one of them said, “Yeah right, just like you were going to [FILL IN THE BLANK]  last year.”

As my friends began to laugh, I heard my mother’s voice in my head.  She said, “I told you to Shut-Up!”

From that point on… I’ve applied mom’s advice, and now when I’m around family, friends, and associates, I’m often asked… “When is your next [FILL IN THE BLANK] coming out?”



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