It’s the old adage… if you hang around four slackers, you’ll soon become the fifth.  What’s also true is that opposites attract, but if two different people are together long enough… they’ll soon develop the same traits.  Simply put… connect with those with positive traits.


Far too many fail to realize this, but what we consider harmless customs… are the main reasons for the financial problems in our society.  Consider the number of people who continue to struggle financially, because they feel ‘obligated’ to keep spending money on holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.  This has become an annual ritual of financial ruin.


Wouldn’t it be great if all our schools and elders in charge equipped us with problem solving and life skills?  Unfortunately, only a few are fortunate enough to obtain that type of guidance.  For the majority, however, environments do little to foster growth… in childhood as well as adulthood.


This is in relation to people… but has more to do with fitting in.  Remember the smart kid in school who tried to hide his intelligence in order to fit in with the average kids?  Well this also happens in our adult lives.  Instead of receiving support from our grown-up friends, most of us are hit with this guilt trip, “So you think you’re better than us?”


When we’re uncertain about improving our situation, it often derives from three places: fear, doubt, and lack of self-confidence.  The ‘What if I don’t make it’ philosophy kills ambition at its core.  It’s true that we don’t totally know what lies in our future, but we also don’t know if we’ll see tomorrow… yet we go to bed preparing for it.


I believe that everyone feels deep down inside they can accomplish whatever they desire, but when we consider the work, effort, and time it will take to accomplish our desires… it kills our spirit.  Unfortunately, we have become a ‘want it now’ society.  The problem with that is… anything worthwhile takes time.


Have you ever been so comfortable you didn’t want to move out of that spot?  Have you ever been so comfortable you fell asleep?  Well… this is what comfort has done to many in real life.  There is nothing wrong with being comfortable, but too much comfort will make you stagnate… and trap you in a world of complacency.


Primarily… it’s the lack of money which makes people believe they can’t do what they want.  Ever heard someone say, “I would go back to school if I had the money,” or “I would leave this town if I had the money,” or better yet “When things get better I will… ?”  If you wait on money to do what you desire, you’ll be waiting forever.  Start with what you have.


“I don’t need any help,” or “I can do it myself,”… are often the prideful sentiments leading to failure.  No one person is an island… meaning that on the path to our success, we’re going to need a little help on the way.  Most make the mistake of doing everything their own way, without ever taking hints, advice, or guidance from those who came before them.


Out of the ten… this is actually the NUMBER ONE FACTOR that will keep you from improving.  Yes… YOURSELF!  The truth is, you can avoid all the previous factors, but you will accomplish nothing if you don’t make up your mind to just do it.  You are the biggest obstacle standing in your way.  When you make the decision that you’re going to get what you want… you will become unstoppable!


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