It has always bothered me when I hear people say…

“I’m waiting for things to get better.”  or…

“I’m waiting for my life to turn around.”  or…

“I’m waiting for my ship to come in.”

Whenever someone shares this attitude with me… this is what I say to try and reach them.



Many people give me a confused look whenever I say this, and if you’re reading this and don’t understand the message… allow me to explain.

Our relationship in life is similar to a relationship with a person.  You must start a relationship with the person in order to reap any benefits (positive or negative).  In any form of relationship, whatever level of energy you put forth towards the person… you can expect that same energy to be giving back to you.

Example:  If you give someone an unexpected gift, that person is going to be encouraged to return a gift to you, however, that gift probably won’t return to you in the same form.  Sometimes you’ll receive a gift, sometimes you’ll receive a thank you, and most times you’ll receive a positive friendship.  You cannot dictate what the person will give back to you… but it will be given back in a positive manner.

People won’t feel that they owe you anything… until you give something to them.

So again, as it applies in the real world… life doesn’t owe us anything until we give something to life, however, the gifts we give to life are the activities we do on a daily basis.

Remember:  What we do on a daily basis, will be given back to us, and as it relates with people… what is given back to us (our gifts) probably won’t return to us in the same form.  Sometimes we’ll receive exactly what we want.  Sometimes we’ll receive more than what we wanted, and I believe that more times than not… we won’t get what we thought we wanted, but we’ll receive something ten times better.

So when you sit back and say, “I’m waiting for things to get better…”  Just know that you’re asking life for a hand-out!

And as this relates with people, when you ask someone for a hand-out,

you may get a quick favor for the moment…

but you’ll miss the positive gifts for life.


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