Forget being good enough!  Forget doing just enough to get by!

Stop leaving your talents, abilities, and gifts on the table for someone else to come and take advantage of.  Let the truth be told… being ‘good enough’ will get you NOWHERE!  Being good enough will get you an honorable mention, being good enough will get you a nice pat on the back, being good enough will barely keep your head above water.

NO!!!  You don’t want your head above water, you want your ship to come in!  You want to live comfortably.  You want a life with less stress… and more happiness.  So forget being ‘good enough’… get out there and become ‘great enough!’  Because you do possess the talents, abilities, and the gifts to be as great as you want to be.  It’s overcrowded down there in the ‘good enough’ section… but there is plenty of room up here with the greats.  Don’t you want your own space?

This is your time!  This is the time to focus a little harder.  This is the time to give 100%.  This is the time to discover who you are.  It’s time to know that you are ‘Great Enough!’  YOU’RE NOT DONE!


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