1. GOD

I am not an expert on religion… I only speak on my experiences, and the changes in my life from placing my trust on something greater than myself.  It is not my intentions to push my beliefs, and I respect what anyone believes in… but I can express that every time I’ve called on God, I’ve always been able to count on him to get me through!  Now many will become discouraged when counting on God, because they don’t get what they want… when they want it… how they want it.  But I’ve learned that there is nothing or no one greater to count on… because you always get what’s best for you!



Yes… principals!  Many people fail to understand this, because they fail to put two and two together.  Nevertheless… you can always count on principals!  What’s amazing is that the oldest, basic principals… still apply in today’s world.  Example:  You get out, what you put in.  Positive actions bring positive results… negative actions bring negative results.  Hard work eventually prospers… laziness leads to poverty.  Here’s some advice, if you’re wondering why things aren’t working out in your life… READ PROVERBS!



There’s no one (person) better to count on than… yourself!  Many people are lead astray because they place more trust in others, than they do themselves.  How many times in school have we trusted someone else’s answer over our own understanding… and that person caused us to get the answer wrong?  We should count on our own awareness… for the simple fact that we have 100% control over what we can do.  Instead, we count on the potential of people we barely even know.  Try counting on what you know… yourself!



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