Regardless of where you are in life…

No matter what you are facing…

No matter what you are up against…

If you do these 3 things everyday… it will undoubtedly improve your situation.



For some this is a no brainer, unfortunately for the majority… they do not know the power of prayer.  So for those in the majority, here is a quick blueprint:  Prayer, along with Obedience, followed by Faith, and Patience… will guarantee positive changes in your life.  But don’t just take my word for it, try beginning your days with prayer and thanks… and watch how your days improve.


Newsflash:  Working only 8 hours a day will only keep your head above water.  So if you find yourself needing to improve your situation… it would be in your best interest to sacrifice some of your playtime for much needed time at work.  When I was a kid, a wise man (who was actually a successful entrepreneur with a 6th grade education) told me that ‘A poor man has no leisure time.’  So here is what I’ve learned… ‘Too much playtime will cost you, but hard work always pays off!’


Whether it’s through school, books, seminars, or your boss… you will need to be mentored by someone who can help you improve your situation… and yourself.  The people who need the greatest help… are always the people who think they don’t need help.  Please don’t be that person.  No matter what you are facing, there is someone out there who has faced it, can tell you what it looks like… and can teach you how to overcome it!  There is enough experience, guidance, and wisdom out there in the world for you to receive some education everyday.




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