I can still remember that feeling of despair!  It was the realization that I didn’t have a job!

I was unemployed, a couple of years out of college… with the responsibility of a new born baby.  Now it was bad enough that I didn’t have a job, but the situation that had landed me in this position had me feeling lower.

I had just went through six weeks of training for this company.  It was a finance company, and every trainee had to start in collections, but I saw it as an opportunity to move up in the company.  The six weeks went by smoothly, and there were a series of test and exercises that we had to pass in order to be hired.

I passed all the written tests, and the last exercise consisted of assisting customers over the phone.  I remember doing everything right, and serving the customer as I was trained to do…   THEN IT HAPPENED!!!

The customer gave me some information, and I didn’t save it correctly.  My mind went blank!!!  I failed the exercise, and I quickly remembered my mistake… but it was too late.  I was told I didn’t make it on the last day of training… OUCH!  Six weeks down the drain, and that was my moment of despair, and coming to the realization that I was unemployed.

What am I going to do?  How would I provide for my daughter?  WHY ME???

As I was leaving the building… the instructor gave me a number to call.  The number was to a temp. agency, and the instructor put in a good word for me.  As a result… I was working for another finance company in less than a week!  And after a couple of months, I was hired as a Research Analyst!  I didn’t have to start in the collection’s department.

A YEAR LATER… I ran into one of the trainees who was hired on.  When I asked her about the job, she told me that the job was so bad… that half the trainees quit, and the others were ‘let go’ for not meeting their daily quotas.  She went on to tell me that the conditions were so horrible, that she left within two months.

When I told her about my job… she said that I was lucky!

I knew right then that God caused my mind to go blank during that exercise, and that my moment of despair was saving me from a career in agony!



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