I often hear people say that, “I’m just trying to make a living.”  

This has become a very common phrase in America, and if you consider its basic meaning… we all are truly out here simply trying to make a living.

But then I thought about the comment, and the fact that every time I heard it being used, it was when someone was complaining about their job, or when things weren’t going right in their lives financially.

The more I thought about it… the more it seemed like the phrase ‘I’m just trying to make a living’ is another way of saying “I’m just trying to pay the bills,” or “I’m just trying to put food on the table.”

No matter how you say it… none of these phrases sounds like “I’M ENJOYING WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING!”

With that said… the point I’m trying to make is this:

None of us are ‘trying’ to do what we love.  Think about it… regardless if what we love to do is beneficial or detrimental to our well-being… we still do it… effortlessly!  Consider the one thing you love to do the most in life.  Now ask yourself: Do you try to do it, or in the famous words of NIKE… do you JUST DO IT?

I truly believe this is the underlying emotion that causes people to say “I’m just trying to make a living,” because when you pay close attention to the words ‘just trying’… these two words cry out “I REALLY DON’T LOVE WHAT I’M DOING FOR A LIVING.”

We were not put on this earth to simply ‘make a living’… we were put on this earth to discover our purpose… and find happiness doing it.  And although we all have to ‘make a living’… I feel our lives would become more meaningful if we discovered what would allow us to ‘LOVE TO MAKE A LIVING!”


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