We should thank God every morning we open our eyes.  A lot of people who took yesterday for granted are no longer with us today.  Don’t just assume that the next day will come… be thankful and grateful for each and everyday we have.


Your education doesn’t end on graduation day!  As adults… we should take time out of our days to educate ourselves.  There are thousands of subjects to learn outside of the school system, and each of us has personal interests.  Educating ourselves on these interest will make us more valuable, and enhance the quality of our lives.


In other words… we should help someone everyday.  This doesn’t mean spending time at a charity event everyday, but we should look for the simple ways to be an asset to others.  Holding the door for someone, helping a co-worker with a project, letting a car into your lane, or giving a compliment.  It’s the simple acts of kindness that have the biggest impact on others.


Life is too short not to live doing what we love!  We all have interest and desires that will keep a smile on our faces daily.  Imagine how great life would be if we made a living from our God-giving gifts?  Devoting each day to working will make us a living.  Devoting each day to our passions will make life worth living.


In addition to showing acts of kindness, we should bestow daily acts of love to those we cherish.  We must express our love, not only verbally… but through our actions.  Our spouses, children, family, or anyone who shares a special bond with us… should receive our greatest acts of affection, because these are the people who make us look forward to getting up everyday.


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