When you consider the American Dream, or you consider what people strive for in life… there are three common desires.

We all desire to be…


( … and not in any particular order)

In relation to everyday life… these three desires should be strived for equally.  Unfortunately, we often spend our lives focusing on one, until ignoring the others become tragic.  

(Now when I say LOADED, I mean someone’s personal goal for becoming financially stable.  Whatever amount of money you’re making, if you’re taking care of yourself and your family financially… then you’re personally loaded.)

More people spend their energy aspiring to be LOADED… that age-old American Dream!  Through hard work, sacrifice, and determination, many have achieved such dreams.  Consequently, that hard work and determination often causes health issues; lack of sleep, stress, and unhealthy food choices.  In addition, that sacrifice and determination often causes people to alienate the people closest to them; spouses, family and friends.  What good is it to become loaded laying in a hospital bed?  What good is it to become loaded without the presence of family and friends?

Now many people claim that as long as they are HEALTHY… they’re happy, however, the obesity rate in this country proves that health isn’t taken seriously by most of us.  A big problem is that many people who over focus on health will soon burn out… leading towards an unhealthy crash; injuries, eating disorders, and steroids.  I don’t have to tell you the number of people who end up in the hospital from over doing it, and because the focus is one-sided, there’s not enough financial stability to handle the outrageous hospital bills.

Some people only focus their energy on making themselves HAPPY, without giving a thought towards their health or becoming financially stable.  At some point, all that happiness will take its toll, and when a problem in life occurs (and it will) there will be no financial stability to take care of the problem.  Ever seen someone enjoying so much careless happiness… until the rent is due, and there are no savings to avoid eviction?  And yes… this also leads to health issues through stress, depression, and anxiety.

Through our lifestyles, our families, and our ambitions… we should all desire to live







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