At the end of every senior year of high school, a selected number of ‘Senior Superlatives’ are chosen for the American tradition of “Most Likely To…!”  The usual categories are “Most Likely to Marry; Most Likely to Become President, and Most Likely to Succeed!”  These superlatives are handed out to students based off their actions and decisions throughout the four years of high school.

I was chosen for “Best Personality” my senior year and a few of my friends were chosen for other various superlatives.  When I think back, however, we were all together for only four years, and those decisions were made in a short period of time.  But in reality, those decisions were only predictions of what we could become!

Truth is… in the real world it’s not just the ‘chosen few’ who are given the “Most Likely To ___” prediction.  In the real world, we are all “Most Likely To” become something!

Now here is where high school and the real world are equal.  In the same way our actions and decisions led us to be chosen for “Most Likely To” predictions, our actions and decisions in the real world lead us to our own “Most Likely To” reality.

With that said, there are only three realities in the real world:

MOST LIKELY TO FAIL:  Regardless if we’re in high school, college, the military, or in our everyday life, the actions and decisions we make equates to what we’re most likely to become.  When our actions lead us to ignore correction, to disrespect authority, or to neglect laws and rules, we are following a path that will lead to this reality.  When we make decisions not to learn, to resist change, and to ignore future planning, we are “Most Likely to Fail!”

MOST LIKELY TO FOLLOW:  My mother once told me that there are three types of people;  those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who always ask, “What happened?”  Now those of us who always ask, “What happened?” will fall into the reality of “Most Likely to Fail!”  However, those of us who never take action to show initiative, spending our life watching things happen, merely going with the flow, and allowing others to influence our important decisions are those of us who are “Most Likely to Follow!”

MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED:  Just as in high school, these chosen few are easy to recognize.  Undoubtedly, these are the people who make things happen!  In our world, our actions are our own; they are carefully planned out and made with confidence.  The life we choose is a goal-oriented life, and when we struggle, we quickly return to the path of attaining our goals.  You will not easily find us in common hangouts, and because our decisions lead us to work and sacrifice, to follow through, and pursue our goals to completion, we are “Most Likely to Succeed!”




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